DUI Lawyers in Beaver Dam WI Fight to Have the Charges Dismissed for Their Clients

Persons who are arrested on a suspicion of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol are facing significant penalties. The money needed just to fight the charge and deal with administrative penalties can be in the thousands of dollars, and that is before a conviction where the person faces a significant amount of time in jail along with other fees and penalties. Those who are arrested for a DUI will want to fight the charges with help from DUI Lawyers.

Can the Charges Be Dismissed?

Yes. It is possible for the charges to be dismissed in a DUI case. Typically, this will occur when the evidence against the person is found to be invalid or is not admissible in court. A typical example of this is when it is proven the BAC (blood alcohol content) test results were not valid and, therefore, cannot be used to prove the person was over the legal limit.

How is it Demonstrated the BAC Was Incorrect?

The BAC test most commonly used onsite is the breathalyzer, and these tests must be completed properly and the equipment must be properly calibrated before every use. If the testing equipment is not properly calibrated or is used incorrectly, the results of the test might be inadmissible. This might be proven by taking a more conclusive test immediately after the arrest or by checking the breathalyzer itself and the records kept of its care.

Are There Other Options if a Conviction is Imminent?

If it is not possible to suppress the BAC test results and the person is facing a conviction, the lawyer might ask for the conviction to be suspended pending a completion of a rehabilitation program. This is not available in all situations but, when it is available, it means the person is convicted but the conviction is erased from their criminal records so long as they complete the necessary rehabilitation program and are not arrested again within a certain time frame.

If you’ve been arrested and charged with a DUI, you will want to get help right away to avoid facing significant penalties after a conviction. It might be possible for local DUI Lawyers Beaver Dam WI to help you fight the charges and avoid a conviction. Visit the website for QBS Law S.C. now to learn more or to find a lawyer to help you. You can also visit them on Google+.

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