A Workers Compensation Attorney in Granite City IL Can Help Get the Benefits You Deserve

by | Apr 4, 2017 | Workers Compensation

The state of Illinois, just like every state in the union, has worker’s compensation laws put in place to protect workers and employers. This no-fault insurance system pays injured workers benefits and protects the employer from being sued by injured workers. Unfortunately, things do not always go smoothly when a worker needs to file a claim, and claims are often denied for unfair reasons. When problems arise, injured workers are wise to seek help from a Workers Compensation Attorney Granite City IL.

The Illinois Worker’s Compensation Commission oversees the state, making sure employers are compliant in providing insurance benefits for their employees. The state requires the employer’s insurance company to pay an injured worker’s reasonable medical bills and associated medical costs and a percentage of the wage benefits they are owed. At this time, that percentage is 66 2/3% and is capped at $1,435.17. This capped amount changes every six months.

The first step in the process of filing for worker’s compensation is informing the employer an injury occurred. The state requires that injured workers inform their employer within 45 days of the injury occurring or them becoming aware of their injury. It is the responsibility of the employer to handle the claim and make sure their insurance company pays.

If an injured worker is finding their employer and the insurance company are not being cooperative, they have a right to file an Application For Adjustment of Claim from their employer. They also have the right to hire a Workers Compensation Attorney Granite City IL. The form must be properly filed so there is no delay in receiving an approval of benefits. The Commission then takes over and orders the employer and their insurance company to pay the claim.

Once the claim with the employer has been started, the employer is required to begin paying wage benefits 14 days after a worker has missed three consecutive days of work. If the employer denies the claim, they must send the injured worker a written denial letter that explains why.

It behooves injured workers to meet with the Workers Compensation Attorney Granite City IL so they can discover more about their rights and what needs to be done to help them receive benefits. Contact the Brunton Law Offices right away to schedule your appointment.

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