When a Person Might Need a Workmen Compensation Lawyer in Falls, ID

by | Dec 19, 2018 | Workers Compensation

It is an understood fact that if an employee gets hurt at work that the employer is responsible for ensuring that employee gets workers’ compensation. However, sometimes, even with the best intention of doing everything properly, a glitch occurs in the system, and the employee does not receive the workers’ compensation benefit or is delayed in getting such. At such times, a workmen compensation lawyer in Falls ID is available to help those who have a problem receiving their workers’ compensation payments. Here are some things to understand about the whole process of workers’ compensation.

The Process of Workers’ Compensation in Idaho

When an employee is injured or gets ill on the job and because of the job, it is important to notify the employer (within 60 days) and get a workers’ compensation claim filed promptly. If the notification exceeds the deadline, it may be impossible to collect any workers’ compensation benefits. The employee must see the doctor the employer has designated unless the injury or illness is a dire emergency. An employee should expect to see payment from the workers’ compensation no later than 28 days after the date of the injury.

What to Do if the Workers’ Compensation Payments are Denied or are Causing Issues

If the employee has followed all the necessary steps and procedures and is having problems getting the workers’ compensation payments, it may be time to call an attorney to discuss options. The attorney will be able to negotiate on behalf of the injured employee and possibly expedite whatever was causing the delay in the receiving of the payments. The attorney will usually come into the case after there has been an appeal.

An Attorney in Idaho for Workers’ Compensation Claims

Many lawyers are throughout Idaho who will assist injured clients with appealing a workers’ compensation claim and offering legal advice. The Gariepy Law Offices is a law firm in the Falls, Idaho area that helps clients who have to appeal a workers’ compensation claim. If an injured employee is in need of a Workmen Compensation Lawyer in Falls ID, the law firm is available. The attorneys at the firm invite interested parties to “contact us

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