Car Accident Lawyers in Hollywood FL Negotiate Settlement Agreements With Insurers

Most people injured in vehicle collisions don’t need a lawyer to negotiate a settlement with the insurer. If the injuries are relatively minor, the settlement process with the at-fault driver’s insurer is usually straightforward. The insurance company pays for medical expenses and related costs, along with lost income until the person returns to work. With serious injuries, however, Car Accident Lawyers in Hollywood FL may be necessary to negotiate a better amount than the insurer originally offers.

Deciding to Work Together

During complimentary initial consultations, Car Accident Lawyers in Hollywood FL ask questions of the prospective client to become familiar with the facts of the case. The lawyer must decide whether to offer to represent this person, which depends on whether this is a good case and a large settlement should be paid. The individual also must decide whether this lawyer seems like a good fit to work with on such an important matter. This person is free to speak with several attorneys before making a decision.

Expected Compensation

The lawyer who is hired may begin by sending a letter to the insurer stating that the company is expected to pay all reasonable costs associated with the accident. That includes covering repairs or replacement of the vehicle, medical bills, lost wages and expenses like taxi fare or rental car fees. The attorney may ask for compensation for intangible aspects as well, such as physical pain and suffering, and psychological trauma.

Insurance companies are most likely to dispute the intangible aspects of the case. A lawyer from a firm such as the Law Offices of McCullough & Leboff, P.A. will insist if there was a significant negative effect on the person’s quality of life. There should be compensation if the person had to spend a long time avoiding activities that were previously enjoyed, for example.

Settling Out of Court

Most personal injury cases are settled out of court. There may be mediation or arbitration sessions scheduled if the individual and insurance company cannot come to an agreement. A mediator works to guide the two parties toward a solution. An arbitrator listens to both sides of the story and then makes a decision.

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