Domestic Violence Lawyers in Murrieta Defend Clients Under Difficult Circumstances

Domestic Violence Lawyers in Murrieta Defend Clients Under Difficult Circumstances

When someone has been falsely accused of domestic violence, this is a scary time for that person. Domestic violence lawyers in Murrieta provide professional legal representation in defense of these clients.

Looking for Evidence on False Allegations

Attorneys who defend clients against domestic violence charges look for evidence to prove that the allegations are false. This creates reasonable doubt in the minds of a jury, which should then return a verdict of not guilty. The spouse or domestic partner may have a history of making false allegations, and this may have already been documented. In some instances, the evidence is so strong that the judge dismisses the case before the trial even begins.

Motivations to Lie

Domestic violence lawyers in Murrieta will look for reasons why the plaintiff is motivated to lie. Perhaps a custody battle is ongoing. Maybe the defendant was having an affair and now the plaintiff feels angry and bitter and wants to get revenge. The attorney carefully considers all the information provided by the plaintiff and looks for discrepancies.

The Need for a Strong Defense

No matter how flimsy the case seems to the person accused, being charged with domestic violence means needing seasoned legal representation for a strong defense. Family court judges and district attorneys justifiably want to keep families safe from abusers. An accusation, even without formal charges, can lead to government agencies deciding to remove children from home. If the couple is divorcing, the accused parent may only be allowed supervised visitation with the children.

It’s an emotionally charged issue, and officials do not want to take the wrong side. They do not want to be on the side of an actual child or spousal abuser. Also, people generally tend to presume the accused person is guilty. The accuser is seen as the victim, even if evidence is scant or nonexistent. All of this can make circumstances very difficult for the person accused of or charged with this offense. Someone facing this type of charge can contact an organization such as the Law Office of Michelle Penna for help. It’s time to click here to get started on the defense.

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