Child Custody Lawyers in Clarks Summit, PA: How Parents Can Help Them To Build a Better Case

When seeking child custody Lawyers Clarks Summit PA, residents are usually searching for someone who is able to help them protect their rights and keep the children in their home. There is a lot at stake for parents who are in the midst of a custody battle. It is not just about what a lawyer does, but the parents as well. There are a number of things a parent can do to increase their chances of getting the custody arrangement they prefer.

It is important for parents to prove why their home is safer and more beneficial for the child or children than that of the other parent. This could be because of its proximity to their school, friends, and other family or just because it is the family home where they currently reside. They need to prove the financial ability to meet the needs of the child and the custodial parent’s sense of responsibility. This means avoiding legal problems like DUIs or an unreliable work history.

Another important trait is showing interest in the life of the children in question. Custodial parents should know what their school schedule is like, what extracurricular activities they are involved in, the details of their health history, and any behavioral problems. They should have been involved in their child’s life in the past and dedicated to remaining involved in the future. In addition, aside from where there has been abuse or drug use or other criminal activity, the custodial parent should be willing to help their child stay connected to their other parent. Child experts agree that children of divorced parents thrive better when both parents are able to be a part of their lives. Visit website for more details about the child custody lawyers in Clarks Summit, PA.

By hiring child custody Lawyers Clarks Summit PA, parents have the best opportunity of a favorable decision for custody as well as child support. Since many of these types of cases are complex, emotional, and potentially devastating to parents and children when they are handled incorrectly, it is important to have professional advice that can look at the issues from a balanced perspective. With John T. O’Malley Attorney At Law, that is what clients are able to have. They get an advocate who will remain on their side throughout the process and make certain their rights, and their children, are protected.

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