Opposing Views on Child Support in Dayton, OH to Help Pay for College

by | Mar 16, 2016 | Bankruptcy

A lawyer who assists clients with issues regarding Child Support in Dayton Oh, becomes well-acquainted with opposing sides of various issues. This lawyer might represent one client who relies on support from the ex-spouse. That parent is protesting the other parent’s petition for support modification because of income reduction. The next day, this attorney may focus on an unrelated client who is dealing with the opposite problem. He or she has been laid off from a job and now cannot make the support payments as previously ordered by the court.

Another issue may develop if the parent paying child support expects to stop those payments when the youngster reaches 18 years of age and graduates from high school. The other parent may want the support payments extended if the teenager will be attending college full-time. A judge can order the continuation of Child Support in Dayton Oh, for full-time college students until they reach age 19. This may be viewed as the responsibility of both parents to make sure the young adult gets a head start on receiving the valuable education he or she desires. The court also might order a different type of payment for college funding or even add an extra payment to the regular child support.

The situation becomes more complex when the parents previously agreed in legal documentation that child support would continue until a later age as long as this individual attends college full-time. It might stipulate that support continues until age 21 or 22, for example. A great deal can change in personal and financial circumstances over the years, however. The parent paying support may have started those payments when the child was very young. Extending those payments for some years beyond the age of 19 may be viewed as a hardship if this parent has since remarried, had more children, or experienced a reduction in income. Parents on both sides of this issue will need the assistance of a law firm such as Albert & Krochmal. The person paying support will seek to terminate or modify the original agreement while the other parent will seek to have it upheld by the court.

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