Claim Tips From a Personal Injury Attorney in Albuquerque NM

by | Jul 8, 2016 | Lawyers

Personal injury cases are all unique, and some move faster than others do. Once settlement negotiations begin in earnest, the plaintiff and their attorney should have a solid strategy. The tips listed below can provide a good foundation for a successful personal injury case.

Have a Dollar Figure in Mind

When creating a demand letter, the client and the Personal Injury Attorney Albuquerque NM determine a range within which the claim’s value falls. Before speaking to the other party’s insurance company about the demand, the client should decide on a minimum acceptable amount-;and they should keep it to themselves. Once negotiations start, though, it helps to have a “bottom dollar” in mind. If the adjuster leads with an offer near or at the minimum, or if new evidence strengthens the claim, the minimum can be revised upward.

Don’t Take the First Offer

It’s standard for adjusters to start negotiations by submitting a low offer, or by denying liability. With such tactics, the insurance adjuster tries to determine whether the client understands the value of the claim. The victim’s response to the initial offer depends on its reasonableness, and a bit of bargaining can get both sides to a fair figure. An attorney can help a client emphasize the strong points of the case, while minimizing weaknesses.

Ask for Justification

If the first offer is so low that it’s a blatant negotiation tactic, one shouldn’t reduce the amount in the demand letter. Rather, they should ask the insurance adjuster the reason behind the low offer. Depending on the reasons given, the client can lower their demand a bit. When the adjuster gives reasons for a low offer, it’s easier for the client and the attorney to arrive at a fair figure.

Know When to Call a Lawyer

If at any point a victim feels that negotiations aren’t going well, they should hire an attorney. A lawyer with The Carter & Valle Law Firm can help in cases where the demand amount is more than a few thousand dollars, and they can encourage the adjuster to take the claimant seriously. If one seeks future damages for lost earnings potential or ongoing medical treatment, they should visit the website to get an attorney’s help in working those factors into the settlement. Where there are questions of fault or claim validity, a Personal Injury Attorney Albuquerque NM can craft a proper argument.

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