Ensuring that You File a Proper Social Security Disability Claim in Fall River MA

Ensuring that You File a Proper Social Security Disability Claim in Fall River MA

When a person works at a job, he or she gets paid according to what wages were agreed upon. He or she earned that money. At the same time, he or she was also having taxes taken out for social security. In natural circumstances, he or she could begin to collect at the age of retirement. Unfortunately, sometimes individuals get hurt or ill and can no longer work. Just as the money is there for their retirement, it should be there if they should have to collect it early, for some reason. Unfortunately, getting disability insurance payments are not that easy.

An attorney who has handled a social security disability claim in Fall River MA agrees that people should be able to get their social security disability benefits. After all, they paid into the system. Why does the SSA make it so hard for people to get approved to get their disability insurance when they most need it? Well, with a qualified and experienced attorney, getting disability benefits should be a lot easier if all the proper guidelines are followed. It is important to get an attorney who understands all the guidelines of the SSA.

The one main thing to remember that is very important: What your doctor says is disabled does not necessarily mean that the SSA will qualify that as disabled. Once you understand how the disability process works, your doctor may be able to fill out the correct paperwork for your disability to get started. A competent lawyer can help assure that this process is done accurately. If all the paperwork is in order, there will ordinarily be no trouble getting your disability approved.

The Law Offices of Sara J. Frankel & Associates have been representing clients in social security disability cases for over two decades. The lead litigator in the firm used to be a Staff attorney for the Social Security Administration. This gives her an edge in helping her clients navigate through what would otherwise be a lot of bureaucratic processess. Clients who are interested in assuring they have filed a proper Social Security Disability Claim in Fall River MA can contact the law firm. They advise you to contact us at the website.

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