Completing an Adoption with an Attorney in Junction City, KS

by | Aug 24, 2017 | Lawyers

In Kansas, adoption provides couples and individuals with the opportunity to become parents. These couples or individuals locate a child to adopt through local adoption agencies. This could include children that live in orphanages or group homes. It also includes unborn children who will be placed for adoption by their expectant mother. An attorney in Junction City, KS provides assistance for prospective parents who want to adopt.

Starting a Contract for an Unborn Child

An adoption contract provides an expectant mother with assistance. The adoptive parent or parents pay all pregnancy-related medical bills for the mother. This includes the six weeks’ check-up required after the pregnancy. They also manage the cost of all medical requirements for the child. Some contracts may also require the prospective parents to manage certain costs for the mother such as living expenses. However, these requirements apply only if the mother relocated to fulfill the requirements of the adoption.

Reviewing the Terms of the Adoption

The biological parents of children and newborns have the right to acquire visitation rights. The adoptive parents may grant visitation with the child if the birth parents agree to specific terms. Typically, this means that visitation is scheduled ahead of time. The birth parents cannot show up unannounced or cause any disruptions in the child’s life. Additionally, the birth parents cannot introduce themselves as the child’s parents after the adoption.

Terminating the Parental Rights

The court terminates the parental rights of the biological parents. This step is necessary to prevent any legal action later. Once the rights are terminated, the birth parents cannot attempt to regain custody of the child. The parental rights are terminated during the adoption hearing. Additionally, the adoptive parents can change the child’s name legally during the hearing.

In Kansas, adoption helps couples and individuals become parents. It also provides children and infants with a chance to find a loving home. Petitioners who want to adopt cannot have a criminal record that includes any crimes against children. They must have the earning capacity to support the child and a suitable home. Prospective parents who want to adopt should contact an attorney in Junction City, KS through Oleen Law Firm or visit the website for more information.

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