Illegal Eviction: Your Next Steps

Illegal Eviction: Your Next Steps

It happened in a whirlwind. One moment you were the ideal tenant, paying your rent on time, keeping your residence orderly and maintaining regular, open communication with your landlord. Now you’ve been served an eviction notice and will have to leave as soon as possible. You don’t understand what you’ve done to warrant an eviction. None of your rent payments were late. You kept the property well-maintained. You’ve been, by all accounts, a great tenant. What can you do?

The good news is you can fight this kind of injustice with the help of a Berkeley illegal eviction lawyer. Read on to learn what qualifies as an illegal eviction and what you can do to obtain justice.

How to Identify a Wrongful Eviction

Not all evictions are brought on because of misbehavior on the part of the tenant. There have been documented cases of tenant discrimination all over the state, much less the country. California law officially defines a lawful eviction as one that does not abide by the official, standard procedure. Typical cases of wrongful eviction involve forceful actions from the landlord, which can include switching the locks on the property without prior notice; removing their access to basic utilities to force a tenant out, and attempts to bully the tenant into leaving.

How You Can Fight Back

If you suspect your former landlord has evicted you illegally, you always have the right to get in touch with a Berkeley illegal eviction lawyer. They can use their expertise to thoroughly review your case, explain your rights as a tenant and identify whether your rights have been violated. Together you can pursue your next steps. Should your case be worthy of court action, you and your chosen Berkeley illegal eviction lawyer will be able to sue for justice and the proper compensation.

Don’t take your unfair eviction lying down. Call 415-294-4111 or visit the Elke & Merchant, LLP website today to get in touch with an expert Berkeley illegal eviction lawyer.

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