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by | Apr 21, 2017 | Lawyers and Law Firms

Dangerous, defective products cause thousands of injuries each year. These injuries result in millions of dollars in lost wages, property damage, medical bills and other monetary and non-economic damages. Any product can potentially be dangerous, and when products cause harm, victims have certain rights. Product liability laws allow victims to file claims against responsible parties, but a lawsuit cannot always undo all the damage.

Why Victims Should File Product Liability Claims

There are several good reasons to file a product liability suit. The main reason is to recover damages for lost income, property damage and physical injuries. Additionally, clients may be able to get damages for physical pain, mental anguish and disability.

Another important reason to file a lawsuit is to prevent others from suffering the same type of injury. A product liability claim can result in a mandatory recall, additional safety warnings, design improvements, new instructions, or the product’s removal from the market. By filing a claim, the victim and attorneys in Tyler TX force the company to acknowledge the problem with its product.

Who’s Liable for Injuries Caused by Dangerous, Defective Products?

Any person or company involved in the design, manufacturing, marketing, sale or distribution of defective products can be held liable for subsequent injuries. The parties named in a defective product lawsuit depend on where in the design process the problem arose.

For instance, if the product is dangerous due to a design defect, the designer can be held responsible. However, if the product manufacturer changes elements and the changes result in a problem, they can be liable. It is important for attorneys in Tyler TX to investigate the circumstances of the claim, to hold the correct party liable and recover damages for the client.

Hire a Knowledgeable Product Liability Lawyer

If a person is injured by a defective or dangerous product, they should not trust the case to an attorney who doesn’t focus on this particular area of law.  to speak to an area product liability lawyer. The initial consultation is free, and it can leave a client with a better idea of how to proceed.

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