Criminal Defense Lawyer in Hillsboro, OR, is the Right Choice

Many federal cases begin before actual criminal charges are brought against a person. A search warrant is usually served at a person’s workplace or within their home. A criminal defense lawyer in Hillsboro, OR, is what you will need during this tough time as things progress through the legal system.

Pr-Charge Investigation

There are per-charge investigations that will start with a state or federal agent asking questions. Before answering any such questions, it would be wise to have a criminal defense attorney present. Contacting a lawyer that is willing to act promptly could help you make the decisions needed to avoid unnecessary complications.

State Defense

While a State Court level case may not take the amount of time nor as complex as a federal level case, they are just as serious of a matter and carry their own set of penalties. The types of cases that will need a state-level criminal defense lawyer include:



Criminally Negligent Homicide

Vehicular Homicide

Child Pornography

Burglary, Theft, and Robbery Charges

State Level Drug Charges

Federal Defense

Federal level cases tend to be much more serious than those at the state level. Not only are they much more complex, but they are much more time consuming and need an experienced lawyer to navigate the different rules. These types of cases include:

Len Bias Law Cases

Federal Mail Fraud

Federal Conspiracy Charges

Federal Drug Crimes

Federal Child Pornography Charges

At the Law Office of Andrew M. Kolmetz, LLC, you will find an experienced criminal defense lawyer of Hillsboro, OR.

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