How to Get Out of Jail with No Credit Check Bail Bonds in Tarrant County

How to Get Out of Jail with No Credit Check Bail Bonds in Tarrant County

One doesn’t always think of credit checks when one thinks of bail bonds, but some bond agencies require them. Luckily, many reputable and experienced providers of bail bonds in Tarrant County do not require good credit for bail bond applicants. Here’s a basic look at the link between bail bonds and credit.

Bail Bonds 101

A bail bond is an agreement between the bond agent and the defendant to share the responsibility of repaying bail, should the defendant skip trial. In Texas, the cost of a bail bond is about 10 to 15 percent of the full bail amount.

Bond agents accept a wide variety of payment forms; from cash and credit to personal checks, business checks, and even collateral. Since the agent is putting his or her reputation and finances on the line, a credit check for bail bond applicants often takes place.

Bail Bonds Without Credit Checks

Fortunately, not all bond agents require bail bond applicants to have good credit. Often, gainful employment alone and valid identification are the only two requirements.

Bond agents make themselves available 24/7 to expedite the bail bond process. Applicants can help this process by supplying the bond agent with the inmate’s full name, detention location, booking number, charge, and bail amount.

Depending on the county, people can expect to be released in as little as one hour after the agent posts bond. In larger counties with more congested jail systems, the average release time can be two hours to multiple days.

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