Details To Discuss With A Workers Compensation Lawyer In Greeley, CO

Details To Discuss With A Workers Compensation Lawyer In Greeley, CO

In Colorado, worker’s compensation laws protect workers after an on-the-job injury. The laws enable injured workers to secure benefits for covering their medical expenses and replacing their wages. The severity of their injuries dictates when the worker returns to work. A Workers Compensation Lawyer Greeley CO helps workers who cannot return to work immediately and are eligible for monetary benefits.

How was the Original Claim Managed?

The human resources manager provides the worker with forms for the attending physician. The doctor completes a medical assessment and completes the medical report for the insurer. The forms are sent to the insurer. The HR manager completes the claim and explains what type of accident occurred.

Were All Deadlines Met?

The workers must inform their immediate supervisor of any injuries within thirty days. The doctor sends in the medical report within ten days of the examination. As long as all deadlines were met, the insurer cannot deny the claim due to a missed deadline.

Did the Human Resources Manage Follow All Guidelines?

The HR manager follows specific guidelines for submitting worker’s compensation claims. Major accidents require OSHA inspections and evaluations. The manager must complete a full packet for the injured employee and explain what conditions led to the accident. OSHA inspectors might want to see surveillance footage if the accident was captured by the security system.

Why was the Worker Denied Coverage?

The insurer is required to explain why the worker was denied coverage or monetary benefits. An attorney reviews the reason and assesses the terms of the employer’s insurance policy. The reason must meet state and federal worker’s compensation laws. Any violation of the laws gives the worker grounds for filing a lawsuit. If the worker wins, their medical costs are covered, and monetary benefits are provided in a lump sum payment.

In Colorado, worker’s compensation insurance provides coverage for injured workers. The insurance pays for medical expenses and replaces the worker’s wages. The coverage is available for any workers who are injured on the job. Injured workers who want to learn more about legal claims contact a Workers Compensation Lawyer Greeley CO through the Richard Blundell Law Offices or visit online now.

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