Surety Bail Bonds in Lakeland Help Defendants Have the Chance for a More Positive Case Outcome

Surety Bail Bonds in Lakeland Help Defendants Have the Chance for a More Positive Case Outcome

A defendant who is out of jail on bail or bond must follow the conditions of release to the letter or risk being arrested again. Once this happens, bail or bond is revoked. If the individual or a family member paid a service fee for Surety Bail Bonds in Lakeland, that fee is not refundable even though the bond is no longer valid.

Self-Destructive Behavior

Judges no doubt shake their heads at the self-destructive behavior of some defendants who should be appreciating their release from jail before trial, but instead are busy getting into trouble again. For example, a person might have been arrested for possession of cocaine for personal use. While out on bail or bond, the person is arrested for possession of heroin for personal use. This individual may very well expect to be eligible for release again because the offense is a different one. Being released under these circumstances is highly unlikely, however.

Defendants Who Follow the Rules

Fortunately, most people who are out on bail or bond do not violate the terms of their release. They want to avoid spending any time in jail and they hope the case works out in their favor so they can avoid any type of prison sentence. Surety Bail Bonds in Lakeland can help them get back to work quickly and maintain their family stability.

Possible Positive Developments

With release from jail through assistance from a 24/7 Licensed Bondsman, the person now may experience positive developments with the case that might not have happened otherwise. Defendants held behind bars are more likely to quickly accept a plea bargain from the prosecution, which takes away their right to a fair trial. Without a guilty plea, the person’s defense lawyer may be able to have success with pretrial motions such as suppressing evidence and postponing the trial.

Securing Release Before Trial

Rather than someone being kept in jail for the allegation of a nonviolent offense like drug possession, the defendant can secure release with the help of an organization such as Zona Long Bail Bonds. This person now has the chance to be presumed innocent before trial.

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