Ending the Nightmare of Jail Before Trial With the Assistance of a Bail Bonds Company in Hyattsville MD

by | Feb 28, 2019 | Bail Bonds

When someone has been arrested for a crime and locked behind bars, this person probably feels scared and confused about what to do. Just being able to go home seems like the most wonderful thing in the world at this point. Once the bail amount is known, a friend or loved one may contact a Bail Bonds Company in Hyattsville MD and arrange for the defendant’s release.

Lost Time

Sometimes the defendant must wait for a bail hearing at which a judge decides the amount. It also can take the family or friends a few days to put together the fee required by a bail bonds company in Hyattsville MD. The fee typically is 10 percent of the cash bail. In the meantime, the person who has been arrested but not yet convicted of a crime only wants be at home again and out of this nightmare. This man or woman imagines snuggling in a blanket on the couch, eating some comfort food and appreciating being with loved ones.

Relevant Research

Survey takers have asked people what it was like while they were locked up in jail waiting to get free on cash bail or a bond. Researchers also have observed how defendants change their behavior under this type of stress.

Many people pray, asking God for help. They tell God they are sorry they messed up, or they ask for help because they didn’t actually commit the offense. Some break down and cry. Research has found that humans do not react well physically, emotionally or mentally to being locked in a cage. Their stress hormones rise dramatically and they feel like they are in crisis. The situation feels surreal and the individual wonders if this is a bad dream.

Being Appreciative in the Future

Often, men and women realize how fortunate they have been and vow to be appreciative for the positive aspects of their lives every single day. They can’t wait to get out with the assistance of a company like Pantazes Bail Bonds Agency and express love for their significant others, kids and parents. Visit Us Online to learn about the bonding process.

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