Details About Hiring A 24 Hour Bondsman In Cedar Rapids, Iowa

by | May 19, 2020 | Bail Bonds

In Iowa, criminal defendants who are eligible for release after an arrest could utilize a bail bond. The options are more affordable for individuals who do not have the funds to pay the full bail value. A local 24 Hour Bondsman in Cedar Rapids, Iowa provides a bond once the requirements are met.

Who Can Hire the 24 Hour Bondsman?

Typically, the criminal defendant, an attorney, or a family member hires the 24 Hour Bondsman. The county jail has options for connecting inmates with a local 24 Hour Bondsman after the defendant has been booked for their charge. A family member who has the correct information can also approach a 24 Hour Bondsman to help the defendant post bond and get released from the county jail.

What Does a Bail Bond Cost?

At the defendant’s arraignment, the judge determines if the defendant is a flight risk. If the defendant isn’t a flight risk, the judge assigns a bail value. The bail 24 Hour Bondsman requires a percentage of the total bail value to provide the bail bond. The percentage ranges up to fourteen percent according to the requirements and limits of the county.

How is the Bail Bond Secured?

The defendant or a representative provides a direct payment via cash, credit, or a check. The individual could also provide collateral to secure the bail bond. The collateral must be valued at the full bail amount. The collateral is appraised before it is accepted by the bail 24 Hour Bondsman. A deed or title is needed for properties that are used for collateral.

How is the Defendant Released?

After the required value is provided to the bail 24 Hour Bondsman, the 24 Hour Bondsman in Cedar Rapids, Iowa takes the necessary documents to a judge. The judge provides release documents for the defendant and the 24 Hour Bondsman returns to the county jail. The inmate undergoes out-processing and is free to go.

In Iowa, criminal defendants secure a release from the county jail after a bail bond is purchased. The court must conduct an arraignment for more serious criminal cases before bail is set. However, regulatory infractions have a predetermined bail value and don’t require an arraignment. Defendants who want to secure a bond from a 24 Hour Bondsman in Cedar Rapids, Iowa are encouraged to contact San Diego Bail Bonds or visit online now. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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