Evaluating a Claim with a Disability Attorney in Holland, MI

by | Jul 9, 2019 | Attorney

In Michigan, Social Security Disability benefits provide disabled individuals with a monthly income to be able to support themselves. There are two programs that are available to disabled individuals: SSI is for individuals who have never worked, and SSDI is for individuals who can no longer work. A disability attorney in Holland, MI helps claimants who were denied these benefits.

The Reason for the Denial

The reason for the denial appears in the letter from the Social Security Administration. The agency provides a reason and outlines whether more information was needed. Under the circumstances, the claimant has the chance to appeal the decision by providing any details initially omitted from the application.

What Mistakes Were Made?

Mistakes also lead to denials. If the claimant provided the wrong information, the agency is more likely to deny their claim. The application requires information about the disability and how it developed. All doctors providing care for the individual now or in the past must appear on the application. The doctor that diagnosed the condition is vital for processing the claim.

Assess the Medical Records

Claimants with their medical records, create a more viable claim. The medical records offer complete documentation for the condition and show the SSA why the claimant cannot work. The primary objective of the claim is proving that the individual is unable to work in any industry due to their condition.

Calculate the Projected Payout

The attorney helps the claimant calculate the projected payout for the disability claim. By presenting the case in court, the claimant is more likely to receive back pay starting on the date they were diagnosed. If they win, they will receive a lump sum and the agency will provide monthly payments starting the following month.

In Michigan, Social Security Disability programs provide monthly benefits so the individual can support themselves financially. When claimants are denied, an attorney helps them appeal or present their case in court. The reason for the denial determines how the claimant proceeds with their case. Disabled individuals who want to take their case to court can contact a disability attorney in Holland, MI through Bleakley Law Offices, P.C. right now.

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