When to Contact a Ladder Accident Lawyer in Norwich, CT

by | Jul 10, 2019 | Lawyers

Tens of thousands of ladder accidents happen every year. More than 700 deaths on the job each year are the result of an elevated fall. OSHA states all of these accidents could be prevented with the right training and equipment. Unfortunately, individuals do not seem to realize this, as more accidents of this type are now occurring. What types of accidents are most common, and when should a ladder accident lawyer in Norwich, CT be contacted?

Ladder Type

First and foremost, people need to make certain they are choosing the right ladder for the job. Every tool of this type comes with a weight limit, and exceeding this limit could lead to an accident. Furthermore, be certain to choose a ladder that is the right height for the task to be completed. Never place a ladder on something to allow it to reach further or use the top rung for added height. Both are very dangerous.

Ladder Condition

Inspect a ladder before using it to ensure it is not worn, damaged, or old. Ladders do not last forever, and components break down with time. When the tool is put to use, it may break and lead to an accident.

Placement of the Ladder

Ladders are designed to be used on firm, level ground. Also, they should always be placed in a safe location away from doors that may open. Ask someone to hold the base of the ladder when it is in use, if possible, and check the feet of the ladder to make certain it won’t slip. If the ladder can be staked outdoors, don’t hesitate to take this step.

These simple measures go a long way to preventing ladder accidents. In the event something does go wrong, however, don’t hesitate to contact a ladder accident lawyer in Norwich, CT. The accident may be the fault of the employer who did not properly maintain the equipment, the ladder itself might be defective, or numerous other things beyond the control of the user may have played a role in the incident. An attorney can help the victim determine who is at fault, if anyone. Visit the website of Stephen M. Reck for more information on ladder accidents and what every person should know before using this type of tool.

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