Exceptions of Eviction Due to Repossession

by | Oct 30, 2017 | Attorney

The housing market in Oakland has experienced an extreme amount of pressure to maintain fair housing due to the neighboring counties of San Francisco and Santa Clara. There are times that a property owner might decide to evict a tenant and proposes a piece of property that they have been leasing. This can lead to a very complicated court case, and if the tenant wants to fight the conviction, it’s best to contact a wrongful eviction lawyer as soon as possible. There are two instances where a tenant is almost certain to win a court case and maintain the rights to their residence.

The Elderly

If a tenant is above the age of 60 and has been served with an eviction notice from the landlord, the tenant might experience undue stress, especially if the tenant has been occupying the premises for a long period of time. Finding proper housing in Oakland can be difficult even with abundant resources, but a senior citizen, who may be on a fixed income, can have more difficulty finding affordable, safe housing. An elderly tenant has special right that protect them from wrongful eviction.

The Disabled

The disabled are another protected group of tenants that deserve special attention in an eviction case. Housing for a disabled tenant may need to have certain qualities that not all residences provide. For example, a tenant may need a residence that provides a wheelchair ramp. If a tenant is served an eviction notice from a landlord due to the landlord attempting to repossess the property, it’s vital for the tenant to find and contact a wrongful eviction lawyer. This protection does not just apply if the disabled person’s name is on the lease. This can also apply if the leasing tenant has a disabled child, spouse, parent, grandparent, or sibling who is permanently living on the property.

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