Is A Workers Compensation Lawyer Always Needed?

Is A Workers Compensation Lawyer Always Needed?

Accidents do happen in the workplace, a worker in the shipping department injures his back from lifting a heavy box; someone on the assembly line suffers from carpal tunnel syndrome or painter falls off a ladder and breaks a leg. These are typical examples of what can and does happen in the workplace.

When someone is injured, it stands to reason that they may be concerned and wonder if this is the time to contact a workers compensation lawyer in Anaheim, whether they should or not depends to a great extent on the injury, and how it might affect your future.
You do not need a lawyer when:

There are many times when there is no reason to involve a lawyer;

   * The workplace injury was minor, requiring minimal medical attention
   * The injury did not result in your losing time at work
   * Your employer admits that it was a workplace injury

Even in situations such as this, it never hurts to take advantage of a free evaluation of your case which most workers compensation lawyers are happy to provide. Although it may not mean much to you, there could be issues ahead that you cannot handle.

When you do need a lawyer:

If your situation is complex or the injury has the possibility of impacting your long-term ability to work, this is when you need to call a workers compensation lawyer in Anaheim.

   * If your claim is denied: Insurers and employers will often reject a real workers compensation claim, knowing from experience that many will not take it any further. Over three-quarters of those injured at work accept the denial of their claim without even considering an appeal.

   * Settlement in insufficient: If you are unsure that the settlement you have been offered is correct, contact a workers compensation lawyer do not rely on a judge to tell you that the offer is unfair. Workers compensation settlements have to be approved by a judge, but if the settlement is not questioned and it appears fair, the judge will normally approve it.

   * You can return to work: If your injury was of such magnitude that chances of you ever working again are very high, you definitely need to hire a seasoned workers compensation lawyer in Anaheim. Insurance companies will fight tooth and nail to avoid paying you what you deserve, a workers compensation lawyer is essential.

If you have any difficulties in getting what is rightfully yours after a workplace accident, do not hesitate to call a knowledgeable workers compensation lawyer.

A workers compensation lawyer in Anaheim can help you if you claim is denied, the settlement is insufficient, or you will never work again as a result of your injury. You are invited to discuss your claim with the Law Offices of Norman J. Homen.  

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