Factors Influencing Bail & the Possibility of Obtaining a Bail Bond in Douglasville, GA

For many criminal charges, bail has already been automatically set by the state or jurisdiction. That allows people to pay their bail with cash or a Bail Bond in Douglasville GA without having to wait for a judge. Less common and more serious offenses typically don’t have a set amount to be paid, so the arrested person must wait until a judge can hear the matter and decide on bail. Many factors influence the decision of how to approach setting bail. A judge may decline to set any amount, in effect sentencing the individual to incarceration for now. In contrast, a judge may allow the person to be released without any bail requirement. Other options include setting an amount relatively low or prohibitively high.

Cash bail or a Bail Bond in Douglasville GA function as collateral in a sense. It is paid to guarantee that the individual will appear at trial and any other court appointments. If this occurs, the person receives the money back even if he or she is found guilty of the charges or pleads guilty in negotiations with the prosecuting attorney. In the case of a bail bond, a licensed company posts a bond in lieu of cash bail for a fee, thus becoming responsible for the customer’s appearance in court.

The bonding company evaluates similar factors as a judge does in regard to bail. The court wants to be sure the person will not run away, and the bonding agency has the same concern. Both consider the individual’s previous criminal record if any. If the person has a history of not showing up for court dates, that will not work in his or her favor. If the charge is a serious one and the evidence is very strong, bail will probably be set high or the person will not be released on bail. However, mitigating factors in this circumstance could include the person having lived in the community for many years and having strong ties there. A job or ownership of a business, a family, and membership in a church or other respectable organization are positive factors considered by an agency such as Free At Last Bail Bonds.

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