FAQs That Can Be Answered By A Car Accident Lawyer

by | Jan 11, 2017 | Accident Attorney

In Pennsylvania, automobile accidents can lead to serious injuries and fatalities. These events often lead to hundreds of dollars in property damage and an arrest in some cases. These events can lead to personal injury claims as well as wrongful death lawsuits. The following are FAQs that can be answered by a Car Accident Lawyer.

Is the Accident Report the Final Determination for These Cases?

No, the accident report is the initial determination for these cases. If a legal claim is filed, the final determination for the accident is determined by a judge and jury. Each party has the right to provide testimony as well as secure witnesses to support their claim. They can also present vital evidence to prove that the findings of the accident report are inaccurate.

Does a DUI Indicate Fault Immediately?

A DUI does indicate that the driver is guilty of committing this moving violation. It doesn’t indicate a fault in every accident claim. The only way that the DUI charge will lead to a fault in these cases is if the drunk driver is the party that caused the accident. If the driver who was intoxicated didn’t cause the accident, they aren’t held accountable for the victim’s injuries or property damage.

Does the Type of Vehicles Involved Play a Role in How the Case is Managed?

Yes, if either vehicle involved in the accident is a public transit bus, an 18-wheeler, or a school bus, there are different procedures involved. The involvement of these vehicles leads to further investigations outlined in federal regulations. The investigation determines who was at fault and if an elected official or trucking company is the defendant.

If Both Parties are at Fault is There a Monetary Award Provided?

The victim in any accident claim cannot be more than 49% at fault for the accident. If their role in the cause of the accident exceeds this value, they will not receive any monetary award.

In Pennsylvania, automobile accident claims must follow strict guidelines. These guidelines apply to the type of vehicles involved in the accident as well as any moving violations that caused the accident. Victims who need legal assistance contact a Car Accident Lawyer by visiting Domain URL today. You can also follow them on Twitter for more updates.

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