Filing a Dog Attack Claim with a Personal Injury Law Firm in Rockford, Illinois

by | Feb 6, 2018 | Personal Injury

In Illinois, dog owners are liable for injuries produced by their pet. A dog attack presents a strict liability for pet owners if previous reports were filed against their dog. The strict liability ruling requires the pet owner to provide compensation for medical costs and tort-based awards. A personal injury law firm in Rockford, Illinois assists victims of dog attacks.

Establish a Lawful Right to Visit the Property

Victims of dog attacks prove that they had a lawful right to visit or enter the property. Any unauthorized or illegal entry is a crime and disqualifies the victim for compensation. By law, an eligible victim had the property owner’s permission to enter the property at the time of the attack.

Certain service providers have the legal right to enter the exterior of the property. Utility workers, for example, have the legal right to enter the exterior when performing job duties. Law enforcement officers establish their legal rights via a search warrant and/or probable cause.

Other Criminal Offenses That Disqualify Victims

Any dog attack victim that is guilty of animal abuse or cruelty won’t receive compensation. Victims who provoke the animal deliberately are also disqualified. The animal control officer conducts an investigation for all dog attacks reported. Witnesses that saw the victim harm or provoke the animal testify in court. Excessive injuries sustained by the dog are also documented.

After the Dog Attack Is Reported

Dog attacks are reported through a doctor when injuries are treated. The victim has the option to call the animal control officer directly or notify the county sheriff’s department. The animal control officer contacts the pet owner after the attack happens.

All pet owners are required by law to vaccinate their dogs for the rabies virus. Failure to do so leads to penalties and a quarantine period for the animal. The quarantine period lasts up to twelve days, and the pet owner incurs all vet charges for the quarantine and vaccination fees.

In Illinois, dog owners must follow leash laws issued by their city or county. The laws require pet owners to mitigate the risk of a dog attack and they face certain liabilities if they don’t manage their dog properly. Victims of a dog attack should contact a personal injury law firm in Rockford, Illinois by visit our website today.

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