A Personal Injury Attorney Helps Clients Dealing With Emotional Suffering After An Accident

Not every insurer believes they should have to pay compensation for emotional trauma after someone is seriously injured. That’s one reason a Personal Injury Attorney is important to help this individual receive all the financial compensation he or she deserves. Emotional pain and suffering, post-traumatic stress and chronic anxiety that can develop after an accident seriously detract from a person’s quality of life.

Symptoms of these problems manifest in a variety of ways. They can lead a person to limit social activities and to stop participating in fulfilling experiences. Emotional symptoms can also have a negative impact on the person’s physical health. Anyone dealing with these issues may contact a law firm such as Alpern Schubert for a free consultation. The website Website URL provides phone numbers and email addresses.

Nightmares are a common manifestation of emotional suffering and post-traumatic stress. The individual may relive the accident in nightmares or have terrible dreams that seem unrelated to the actual incident. This can understandably cause anxiety about going to sleep and lead to insomnia. Lack of sleep can cause daytime drowsiness and ineffectiveness and errors at work. The person may discover that taking sedatives results in restful sleep without bad dreams, but there is a risk of dependency on these drugs.

A Personal Injury Attorney knows that chronic depression, guilt and irritability after an accident are common reactions. These emotional symptoms can make someone feel fatigued, cause unhealthy changes in appetite, and result in poor decision-making processes.

Many people develop chronic anxiety and even suffer from panic attacks after a serious accident. Someone who was hurt in a car wreck, for instance, may always feel anxious about being a vehicle after that. If this person was driving, driving in the future may become out of the question. Often, panic attacks seem to come out of nowhere when the person was feeling calm and relaxed. Something triggers the subconscious to react with a fight-or-flight response. Now, this individual feels frightened, shaky, sick and lightheaded. People tend to find these episodes embarrassing and difficult to explain.Frequent or even occasional panic attacks can result in a person becoming more prone to staying at home, where the episodes are rare and there is privacy. You can also connect them on Facebook for more updates.

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