Four Things You Should Tell Your Divorce Attorney in Bethlehem PA

by | Nov 28, 2017 | Lawyers

Going through a divorce can be difficult, regardless of the circumstances. Individuals often feel violated being forced to share so much of their personal life with the court system. When pursuing a divorce, it behooves individuals to seek help from a Divorce Attorney in Bethlehem PA. Before seeking help from an attorney, it is important individuals understand the five things they should share with their attorney.

What Should Clients Share When Hiring an Attorney?

Hiring an attorney can be a little intimidating, especially when a person is forced to share the intimate details of their marriage and how it is ending. Individuals often find themselves feeling overwhelmed and embarrassed by the prospect of sharing so much personal information. It is important individuals understand there is an attorney/client privilege in place once an attorney is hired. This means the attorney is not allowed to divulge any personal information and cannot be called to testify against their client.

The following are important pieces of information that should always be shared with an attorney, no matter how uncomfortable a person feels.

* There is an affair going on – No one wants to admit they have been unfaithful in their marriage but this is one of the leading causes of divorce. An attorney needs to know if an affair is involved well before it is brought to light in court.

* There was domestic abuse in the marriage – Abuse is often a taboo subject but it should not be avoided. Informing an attorney will help to ensure a person is safe and properly guided in the process of ending their marriage.

* A partner has a sexually-transmitted disease – If a person finds themselves developing a sexual disease, without being unfaithful, their attorney needs to know as this can be a grounds used for divorce. The attorney may be able to secure compensation for a client.

* DSS has been involved with the family – It can be embarrassing to admit, but attorneys need to know if DSS has been or is involved with the family so they can take proper precautions to protect their client’s rights and best interests.

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