Were You Wrongfully Evicted? Here Is What to Do

by | Nov 30, 2017 | Lawyers

Eviction can be a terrible shock and seriously disrupt your life. This is even more so true if the eviction is unjustified. With the housing market heating up and rent prices climbing, unscrupulous landlords may try to devise ways to kick out tenants so they can find new desperate tenants who are willing to pay higher rents.

If you are the target of this activity, consult a Berkeley wrongful eviction lawyer, and you may have a fighting chance to have the landlord compensate you or let you return to the apartment.

Taking the First Steps

Unfortunately, it is relatively easy for a landlord to evict a tenant. However, the good news is that wrongful eviction suits have a high probability of success if you gather evidence early and take action. Try to get as much as you can in writing, including texts and emails. If you can prove that your landlord’s stated reason for evicting you is unsupported, your case will be much stronger.

Give a written warning to your landlord, without the documents you will use in the case, and indicate that you will be able to disprove his or her claims. However, it is important to discuss these tactics with a Berkeley wrongful eviction lawyer prior to taking any of these actions.

What Can You Gain from a Wrongful Eviction Suit?

Many wrongful eviction suits end in favor of the tenant, and it is possible to gain more than adequate compensation for the inconvenience. Some tenants may get a six-figure reward for the case. The amount of money given to the tenant depends on how long they were living there, how long they expected to inhabit the property and how extreme the landlord’s actions were.

Not only can you gain from a wrongful eviction suit if you are the tenant, but if you rent from a landlord who has lost such a case, you can be sure that the rent will stay at a certain, reasonable level as required by the court. However, the main benefit is experienced by the tenants who succeed in such a case, so it is important to a Berkeley wrongful eviction lawyer with a track record of winning cases.

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