Get Help with Social Security Disability Benefits in Hemet CA

The federal government offers programs to help those who are or have become disabled and are unable to work. These programs can provide a monthly income to help the disabled person afford to live. There are also benefits that can assist with medical costs of the disabled person. Unfortunately, it can be a long and difficult process for those tryign to get Social Security Disability Benefits in Hemet CA. Fortunately, there are attorneys that can help with this process.

Who qualifies?

Anyone with a disability that makes them unable to work for at least 12 months or that will result in death can qualify for disability benefits. Social Security Disability Benefits in Hemet CA are based on a worker who has paid into the system and the benefits can reflect that amount. Disabled widows and widowers, as well as disabled children under 22 years old can also qualify on the worker’s account. For those without such a work history, SSI benefits are available.

How to apply?

One can apply at the Social Security office or on their website. The application can be filled out by the disabled individual and should include any medical information regarding the disability. However, this application process is lengthy and can be quite confusing for many people. Unfortunately, many qualified applicants can have their application denied for various reason. These applications can be appealed, but can often take up to two years or more to be approved.

Getting help

An attorney can assist with the entire application and appeals process. They understand the process and can help ensure all applications are complete with the proper information added. Even if one applied and was denied, an attorney can assist with the appeal. They are able to navigate the process with confidence and help ease the stress and worry off of their clients. This can help ensure the process is done properly and limit delays due to errors. They can also accompany the applicant to any hearings.

Although it is not necessary to get an attorney to apply for Social Security benefits, it can be a great help. An attorney can review the case and ensure all information is included and complete. They can also help with every step of the process. For more information about these and other services, visit us.

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