Guide to Hiring an Auto Accident Lawyer in Olympia, WA

After an accident, Washington residents may hire an auto accident lawyer in Olympia, WA to assist with their case. Hiring an attorney can help provide peace of mind and allow an accident victim to recover. Follow these suggestions to know when to hire an attorney.

Is an Attorney Necessary?

Automobile accidents are a daily occurrence in Washington. In many of those instances, drivers can work on their own with insurance companies to receive compensation for their losses. Minor collisions such as fender-benders where there are no significant injuries or property damage can generally be resolved by the individuals involved and their insurance companies. An attorney could certainly help, but paying the fee for their services will likely not be worth it for minor cases. Indeed, if there is a significant physical injury, death, major property damage, or if the other party is being uncooperative, contact an attorney for advice.

Area of Practice

While all legally practicing attorneys have passed the Bar Exam, not all of them possess experience in handling automobile accident cases. Accident cases require specific knowledge about local and state traffic laws, knowledge about medical terminology and procedures, and an ability to negotiate with third parties. These skills are developed over time. Look for an attorney with accident case experience both inside and out of a courtroom.

A Good Reputation

Since accidents are a fairly common occurrence, there is a high likelihood that accident victims know other people who have been involved in past accidents. Talk to neighbors or co-workers if they know of anyone who has used an attorney for an automobile accident in the past and if those clients were satisfied with the case outcome. Speak with attorneys who practice in other areas if they know of an attorney they would recommend. Browse our website or check with the Washington State Bar Association or for an auto accident lawyer in Olympia, WA.

Initial Consultation

Reputable attorneys generally offer a free consultation to prospective clients. Use this opportunity to discuss the case with an attorney and gauge how comfortable you are with that attorney. Accident cases can take a long time to settle, so it is critically important to hire an attorney the person is comfortable with.

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