Why a Customer May Need a Workers Comp Attorney in Pittsburgh, PA

by | Jun 27, 2018 | Personal Injury Attorney

Employees are injured at work all the time, and when they are, the company usually has workers’ compensation insurance for them to rely on. The purpose of such insurance is to facilitate the process of the injured employee getting paid while out of work due to the workplace injury, pay for any medical bills that arise from the workplace injury, and cover any physical therapy that may be required. A Workers Comp Attorney in Pittsburgh PA understands the complications that sometimes arise from filing workers’ compensation, and helps clients with the process. Here are some things to understand about workers’ compensation in Pennsylvania.

Things to Understand about Workers’ Comp

Once an employee has been injured at work, whether at the site or off-site for the purpose of working, it is essential to get a report filed right away to the right people. The incident must be reported to the supervisor, and the injured employee should see a physician about the injury, who will determine how long the employee may need to be out of work. In doing this, the employee must follow all instructions of the doctor, including going to physical therapy appointments.

More Things to Understand about Workers’ Comp

After the workers’ comp has been filed properly, the employee should begin to receive the benefits in the place of the regular employee check. However, there may be some delays due to questions or concerns the insurance company may have, and the employee may have to hire an attorney to help with the situation. The workers’ comp attorney will be a better liaison for the injured employee, ensuring that all of the employee’s rights are honored.

Calling a Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Several attorneys in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area are available for clients who need help with workers’ compensation issues. The Law Offices Of Hall & Copetas are attorneys who help clients resolve any issues they may have regarding approval of their workers’ compensation. If any injured employees are in need of a Workers Comp Attorney in Pittsburgh PA, the attorneys are available.

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