Hire a Traffic Offence Lawyer in Fort Wayne IN to Fight a Ticket

by | Jun 1, 2016 | Lawyers

Most moving violations are regarded as infractions rather than criminal offenses. Moving violations and speeding carry fines, affect one’s ability to get a license, and raise auto insurance rates-;but they do not result in criminal punishments. Laws on these violations vary by jurisdiction, making it important for drivers to know the law.

A Driver’s Options When a Citation is Issued

Tickets typically include a court date and time, along with the fine amount. Accepting the citation is not equivalent to acceptance of responsibility. In many cases, the traffic court gives the driver the option to attend a traffic school in order to have the violation removed from the record. After one receives a citation, their options include:

  • Admitting responsibility. Usually, this is done by entering a “no contest” plea. Technically this is not an admission or denial of responsibility; it’s merely paying the fine, either in person or by mail before the court date. If no fine is listed on the ticket, there’s usually a number that can provide info on the ticket’s cost and payment instructions.
  • Fighting the ticket. Contesting a traffic citation is done when one pleads not guilty. Here, the driver and their
  • Traffic Offence Lawyer in Fort Wayne IN
  • Deny that the violation occurred. Following the plea, the driver must go to a hearing or trial to prove that the charges are false.

If the person goes to trial and is found guilty, they will receive a penalty. The penalty amount may differ from that listed on the citation, and the person may have to pay other fees and court costs. However, if the driver wins at trial, the violation or speeding ticket will be removed from their driving record and no fee will be assessed.

Should a Driver Call an Attorney?

If one is cited for a moving violation or they receive a speeding ticket, they should call a Traffic Offence Lawyer in Fort Wayne IN right away. A lawyer can inform the driver of their potential defenses and legal rights, and they can provide effective representation in traffic court. A driver has a much better chance of beating a traffic ticket when they contact us hire legal counsel before trial time.


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