What Can DUI Lawyers in Plainfield, NJ Do For Their Clients?

by | May 31, 2016 | Accident Attorney

Choosing to drive while under the influence of alcohol or any other substance is not the smartest move to make. When a local police officer notices the vehicle weaving along the street, it’s a safe bet that an arrest will follow. Even though there is no doubt that the individual did make a poor choice, that does not make it necessary to face the court without legal representation. Here is how one of the Dui Lawyers Plainfield NJ can help.

Taking a Look at the Chain of Events

Most Dui Lawyers Plainfield NJ will want to go over the events leading up to the arrest. The client should begin with the moment that the flashing lights were noticed and the vehicle was pulled over. Careful attention is given to the actions of the arresting officer. The goal is to ensure that the officer followed the letter of the law and made sure the rights of the client were observed at all times.

Investigating the Client’s History

Taking a look at the driving history of the client is also important. Have there been other arrests for driving under the influence? How about other types of incidents like speeding? In a better scenario, the client does not have any prior incidents that led to arrests or even tickets. Most Dui Lawyers Plainfield NJ would certainly want to find a way to introduce that clean record into the court proceedings if possible. Click here for more details.

Setting the Client’s Expectations

Since there is no doubt that the client was driving under the influence, some sort of punitive action is likely to take place. Depending on what the judge has to say about the specifics of the situation and any prior brushes with the law that the client has experienced, it may be possible to receive probation and be ordered to attend driving safety classes approved by the court. When there are past incidents, the outcome is likely to be more severe.

Never stand before a court without legal representation. Even if the individual has a good idea of how things will turn out, contact Harrell Smith & Williiams LLC at today. With legal counsel on hand, it will be easier to seek a better outcome, comply with the demands of the court, and hopefully never make the same mistake again.

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