How A Disability Denial Attorney Helps Claimants

by | May 14, 2018 | Attorney

In California, disability benefits are provided to individuals who are disabled and cannot work. The benefits are paid on the first or third day of the month. The SSA provides the benefits according to the current value, and the state adds an additional monetary benefit. A Disability Denial Attorney helps claimants who are denied the benefits.

Reviewing the Disability Claim

The attorneys review the disability claim and determine where errors occurred. Common issues are a lack of information or no contact details for the doctor. The attorneys fill in all areas that weren’t managed properly. The correspondence between the SSA and the claimant is reviewed to determine why the claim was denied. The lawyers remedy the conditions promptly.

Obtaining Additional Medical Evidence

All records for the condition starting on the date it was diagnosed are secured. The attorneys file requests with the claimant’s doctors to secure any medical records that weren’t presented in the claim. More comprehensive evidence is needed to support the claim and determines the claimant’s eligibility.

Starting an Appeal

An appeal is available to any claimant that was denied disability benefits by the SSA. The process is conducted through a court hearing, and a judge determines if the claimant qualified for Social Security disability benefits. If the judge deems the claimant eligible, the claimant receives benefits starting the following month. They may receive some backpay based on when their claim started.

When is a Lawsuit Necessary?

A lawsuit is necessary if the appeal doesn’t present the claimant with disability benefits. If the attorney determines that the claimant has a viable claim, it is possible for the disabled individual to file a lawsuit. The lawsuits provide the claimant more time to present their case to the court. In successful cases, the claimant receives disability benefits according to the current payment schedule.

In California, disability benefits assist disabled individuals and help them support themselves financially. The value is based on the type of benefits provided to the individual and their household income. If the claim is denied, the attorney helps the claimant file an appeal or a lawsuit to acquire the benefits. Claimants who need legal help can contact a Disability Denial Attorney or visit us right now.

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