Steps to Take After a Collision from Auto Accident Attorneys in Norfolk, VA

by | May 15, 2018 | Lawyers

A car accident is not only an inconvenience but they can also cause devastating damage and injuries that put a huge financial burden on people. Auto accident attorneys in Norfolk, VA can help these victims pursue the compensation they deserve from the people or person who caused the accident and injuries. They do have to work to prove the fault of the people involved, which is why it is so important to follow the following steps after an auto collision.

Call 911 or the Police

Calling the local authorities is the first thing that should be done when involved in a car accident. Often times, this has already be done by people who may have witnessed the crash. It is important to get the police involved so a report can be filed. This report describes their version of what happened and may be picked up later on for insurance purposes.

Pull Out of the Way of Any Traffic

To avoid further damage and other accidents from occurring, it is a good idea to move the vehicles involved in the crash over to the side of the curb and out of the way. If there is a person stuck inside of a vehicle needing medical attention, this should not be done. Wait for the authorities and medical personnel to arrive and give instructions.

Exchange Insurance Information

Regardless of fault, any time an accident occurs, insurance information should be exchanged. If there is damage to the vehicles, the insurance company can work with adjusters on getting the estimated amount of damage to the vehicle. They can also determine if the car is totaled.

Take Pictures

Taking pictures can help describe the scene of the accident and will be used in court to recreate a story. They can also be used to determine weather conditions and road conditions.

Seek Medical Help

Anyone who is injured in the car accident should seek immediate medical attention. All records of this should be kept and filed for later use.

The last thing people should do is contact an attorney. Many attorneys can come to you in the case an injury has occurred. They will work to ensure all of the information needed is put together and ready to file suit. They will also work with insurance companies on your behalf. For more information regarding auto accident attorneys in Norfolk, VA, contact Price Perkins Larkin.

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