How Could A Bail Bond Agent In Madison AL Help You?

by | Dec 31, 2018 | Bail Bonds

In Alabama, defendants have access to invaluable resources after an arrest. Local laws allow them to discuss their case with an attorney after they are booked properly. They also have the option to contact a family member or associate to arrange bail. A Bail Bond Agent Madison AL could help these defendants acquire their release quickly.

Contacting the Jail for Information

A booking number is required by a bonding agent to ensure that they find the correct defendant. However, this information isn’t readily available to everyone. If a representative contacts the bonding agent for the defendant, they could find it difficult to acquire this information immediately. This is especially true if the defendant was arrested over the weekend. A bonding agent could call or visit the jail to obtain this information. They may also have access to visit the defendant to discuss bail arrangements.

Acquiring the Bond Fees from a Representative

A representative acting for the defendant pays the fees associated with posting bail through a bond. They have the option to pay the percentage required in cash or by providing the deed or title to property used as collateral. On average the fees are ten percent of the total bail required for release. If the required rate is over this value, the bonding agent provides an exact value to the representative.

Posting Bail for the Accused

Once the fees are paid, the bonding agent visits the court to pay the required bail. Next, they acquire the release documents for the accused and presents them to the county jail. The correctional officers enter the required information into their information systems, and the defendant is released.

Ensuring the Arrival of the Defendant

The bonding agent is responsible for ensuring the defendant arrives in court as expected. If they don’t, the agent could lose the return of their investment. The judge issues a failure to appear warrant for the defendant.

Alabama defendants need a bonding agent to acquire release if they can’t afford to pay the full bail value. This opportunity requires a smaller percentage of these fees to acquire release. Defendants who need assistance should contact a Bail Bond Agent Madison AL today!

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