How to File for Social Security Disability, Find Help in Kansas City

by | Jun 19, 2018 | Lawyers

Most Kansas City residents never have to worry about getting disabled and live their life normally. However, for some, disability comes from a lifetime of work in a tough field or directly from work-related accidents. If you are disabled, it’s best to apply for social security disability as soon as you can. SSD benefits cannot be paid until you have been disabled for six full months. The waiting period begins after the first month after they decide your disability started. The process itself can be lengthy, which means you need to get started right away.

How/Where to Apply

You can apply for SSD online via the SSA’s website. You can also call in and get an appointment. When they call you back, your application is taken over the telephone. You can also go to your local Social Security office to apply. You are given the appropriate application and can request help from an advocate if necessary.

Do You Need a Lawyer?

The short answer is no; you don’t. However, lawyers can be extremely helpful to you, especially if you’ve already been denied your claim.

If you haven’t started the process, a lawyer can help you determine if you’ve got a case. If you do, they can help you fill out the necessary paperwork. They can also ensure that you send it supporting evidence, such as doctor’s notes, psychiatrist notes, and more. The goal is to give enough information so that the SSA believes you are disabled without giving them so much that they ignore it all.

If you’ve been denied your claim, you can hire a lawyer for the appeals process.

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