Is It Necessary To Hire A Workers Compensation Lawyer?

by | Jul 13, 2017 | Lawyers

Employers are obliged to provide their employees with workers compensation insurance. In the event of an injury on the job, the insurance covers the cost of medical care and provides financial benefits while the injured individual is not able to work. In the majority of cases, there is no need for the injured employee to involve a lawyer, but, there are certain circumstances where Chicago workers compensation attorneys should be consulted.

When you need to hire a lawyer:

There are a number of situations where you should hire a lawyer as quickly as possible:

   * Your injuries are such that you may never work again
   * You require extensive hospitalization and surgery
   * You do not agree with the decision taken by the insurance company
   * You are denied benefits

If your injuries are severe, so much so that your life and future will be altered, seasoned Chicago workers compensation lawyers can work on your behalf, ensuring that you receive the care you need and that you get all the benefits that are available. If, in the opinion of your physicians, you will never be able to return to work, your lawyers can help you claim Social Security disability benefits.

If there is any aspect of your workers comp claim that is being disputed by your employer or the insurer it is in your best interest to consult with a lawyer. Without a lawyer you will certainly be at a disadvantage as the dispute process is extremely complex and technical.

Take advantage of a free case evaluation:

Chicago workers compensation lawyers will normally offer you the opportunity to discuss your case at no charge. You can expect the lawyer to be very candid, he or she will give you their honest opinion about your chances of success and how they can help you win your case.

If you have been seriously injured at work or are being denied your rightful benefits you should hire Chicago workers compensation lawyers. For a free case evaluation you are invited to contact the Shea Law Group. Follow us on twitter.

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