Why Father’s Rights Attorneys in Chandler, AZ Are a Good Idea

by | Jul 10, 2017 | Lawyers

Divorce is difficult on all parties involved: father, mother, and children. So when the inevitable break-up finally occurs, it’s important that everyone’s rights are covered. While the wife/mother should certainly have an attorney looking out for her rights to custody and visitation, so should a man have someone on his side. Father’s rights attorneys in Chandler, AZ are here for exactly that reason: to supply council and advice to the father looking to protect his rights.

While it’s easy to assume the mother has all the rights, the truth of the matter is mothers and fathers have equal rights with no discrimination based on gender. However, it’s common for fathers who do not have the children living in their home to feel left out. It takes a bit more effort to stay involved in a child’s life when physical custody is not on your side, not to mention having a say in other important issues in the child’s life such as the schools they attend, doctors and healthcare, as well as religious matters. With this in mind, establishing proper custody rules from the very beginning is important.

With qualified father’s rights attorneys in Chandler, AZ, a client can secure his paternal rights from the start. Some parents try to do things amicably, attempting to save money and utilize the same attorney for the divorce. However, legal experts do not recommend this route. Fathers are urged to secure their own council, helping to reduce the stress involved with divorce as well as information specific to their situation. Many common mistakes can be avoided when the situation is discussed with an attorney beforehand.

An attorney will review all documents, be at court dates, and answer any and all questions a divorcing father may have. A qualified firm such as the law firm of Janet R. Feeley, L.L.C. is capable of handling all the complexities of a divorce, aggressively seeking the solutions desired. If you’re looking for a lawyer to represent you in a child custody suit or to simply handle all the details of the divorce, click here to learn more.

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