Lawyers Who Help Individuals Defend Private Property Rights in Texas

by | Feb 5, 2024 | Lawyers and Law Firms

Private property rights can be very complicated. This is especially the case in Texas, where a good portion of the land is owned by private individuals. A private landowner attorney in Texas can help private property owners understand their rights. This is especially important because Texas law does allow some companies to make use of a government structure to gain the right to use another person’s property for the public good. However, when a person’s private property is condemned for use by government entities, it can feel frustrating. It can leave a person feeling violated even though the laws allow for this.

A private landowner attorney in Texas can help their clients understand the federal and state laws that impact how eminent domain is used in the case of the property. They will explain that private property can only be taken or used if the government authorizes it by law to be used for something that will benefit the general public. The authorities cannot take a person’s property for tax purposes or with the goal of helping the economy.

Attorneys will also help their clients understand that property can only be taken if adequate compensation for the market value of the property is given. This includes damages if the market value of the property was hurt by the project being planned by the government or the organization that is working with governmental authority.

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