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by | Jul 11, 2016 | Lawyers

The bankruptcy process is something that is difficult to navigate; a South Jordan UT bankruptcy attorney can be of tremendous help during this stressful time. You too can help; there are a number of things you can contribute to ensure the process goes as smooth as possible.

 *   Don’t wait until the last minute:

The financial difficulties that drive people into bankruptcy are not things that crop up overnight; the struggle to remain solvent has been going on for some time. If you know that you are headed in the direction of bankruptcy or you already have a judgment against you, don’t wait to take action. A well planned bankruptcy case will be able to avoid many pitfalls such as wage garnishment and the auction of your home.

 *   Honesty is always the best policy:

There is little doubt that going into bankruptcy is embarrassing but this is no reason to disclose everything to your South Jordan UT bankruptcy attorney. When the attorney has complete information, he or she can deal with the potential problems. If however, important information is withheld, what could have been a small matter can quickly become a major issue that will have a negative impact on the outcome.

 *   Have all documents ready for your attorney:

When you are preparing to file for bankruptcy the courts require a great deal of substantiating information. When you first engage the services of an attorney he or she will normally give you a list of what documents are required to prepare your petition.

 *   Be prepared to respond to the trustee requests:

Once you and your attorney have actually filed for bankruptcy protection the case is assigned to a trustee. The trustee oversees the case and substantiates the documents that accompanied your petition. Shortly after the filing, the trustee will call a meeting, at this meeting the trustee and any creditors that wish to attend and ask questions. To prepare for this meeting the trustee may request additional supporting documents, if so, it is important that these be provided in a timely manner.

The events that led you to declare bankruptcy no doubt have been very stressful, to avoid further stress make sure you have the best South Jordan UT bankruptcy attorney in your corner. For more information visit The Utah Bankruptcy Lawyer.

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