Reviewing Rights and Circumstances Under Paternity Law

by | Jul 12, 2016 | Lawyers

In South Carolina, paternity lawsuits are filed to acquire clarity about the child’s father. These lawsuits could establish a father’s rights to the child. They could also prevent a biological mother from acquiring state support under a former romantic partner’s name if he isn’t the father. Local attorneys help residents establish or disprove paternity through proceedings covered under paternity law in South Carolina.

The Right to Know the Child

A biological father may file a motion to acquire the right to know their child. This right is established through a paternity test. The potential father has the right to seek action if they were unaware of the existence of the child. They could also file a motion in order to acquire visitation rights if the mother claims he is the father. However, in some cases, it could also provide him with some form of custody of the child depending on the circumstances.

When the Mother Acquires State-Based Child Support

Biological mothers who file claims through state-based child support programs must identify the father’s name. While these records are confidential, some counties may choose to attempt to collect funds from the identified father. When this happens, it is possible that the identified father is notified of outstanding child support payments. When this happens, the potential father has the right to seek a paternity test to determine a biological link to the child.

Identifying a Father of the Child

In cases in which the father denies a biological link, the mother may file a motion for a paternity test. Once the motion is filed, the potential father must provide a DNA sample. A failure to provide this sample is a violation of a court order. The judge may take measures to secure the sample based on applicable laws.

In South Carolina, paternity lawsuits are filed for one of two reasons. The biological mother needs to provide a biological link between the father and the child to acquire support. Secondly, the father wishes to either disprove this claim or establish paternity. Biological parents who need to establish the paternity of their child should contact P. Scott De Bruin and file a motion under local paternity law today. You can follow them on Twitter.

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