Make Sure Your Lemon Case Is Effectively Covered

by | Jul 7, 2017 | Lawyers

Every vehicle that’s purchased has a trail of documentation and paperwork. Most likely you’ve never seen half of it or even know that it exists. Such a trail includes warranty payment documents, customer copies, hard copies, and even dealership bookkeeping. Hard copies contain notes that were originally made by mechanics who have inspected and signed off on your automobile. There may even be paperwork that’s been stamped ‘Could Not Duplicate Customer Concern’ stamped across the copy. This proves that your auto is still in need of repairs not to mention that you’ve been given a vehicle to drive that’s still not fully fixed and could be dangerous. All of the paperwork for your auto needs to be carefully investigated, and only an expert car lemon law attorney can detect whether auto problems were actually noted upon acceptance.

Understand Your Lemon Law Rights

Do you fully understand your rights in regards to an auto manufacturer or dealer? What happens when they sell you a bad vehicle in California? Even though it sounds like the name may not be real, lemon laws are in full effect in most states. The second your vehicle purchase has been completed you are protected by the vast spectrum of lemon laws. Each law is specifically designated to keep faulty vehicles from being deliberately sold. Of course, your rights in consideration of lemon laws will very state-by-state. In order to fully understand your rights, it is important that you work closely with experience lemon law attorneys who can assist you in understanding your specific rights and how they apply to your specific case.

Find Out If Your Situation Qualifies as a Lemon Law Case

The best way to find out if your particular lemon qualifies as a lemon law case is to hire an experienced attorney familiar with lemon laws. They will be able to determine if you have a valid case against an automotive manufacturer or dealer. Qualified lemon law attorneys will review every aspect of your case so you can be advised concerning your next step. Contact Krohn & Moss, Ltd. Consumer Law Center® for help or visit

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