The Heartbreak of Needing a Failure To Diagnose Law Attorney in Bedford

by | Jul 10, 2017 | Lawyers

Magnetic resonance imaging, or MRI, is a powerful diagnostic tool, but sometimes the radiologist or another doctor misses something that should have been noticed. Failure to diagnose an illness can have catastrophic results. A person who is dealing with this type of situation may want to consult a Failure To Diagnose Law Attorney in Bedford and ask about the possibility of filing a lawsuit or demanding a reasonable settlement.

Delays in Treatment

Failing to properly diagnose a serious illness leads to a delay in treatment that could mean very serious consequences. MRIs are often used for diagnosing cancer, for example. If the illness was not found and the patient’s disease spreads, it becomes more difficult to treat effectively. This individual may speak with a Failure To Diagnose Law Attorney in Bedford and ask how to proceed in the effort to obtain financial compensation.

MRIs also can indicate blood vessel blockages that could cause a stroke or heart attack. They help doctors diagnose liver disease. Left untreated, these issues can result in severe incidents and even fatality. In some instances, the family is the one consulting attorneys with an organization such as The Koch Law Firm after a loved one dies due to diagnostic negligence.

The Necessity of Correct Interpretation

The MRI seems like a miracle tool to a certain extent, but the films must be interpreted correctly or they are useless. The MRI technologist often sees the more obvious problems on the film, but problems that are somewhat hidden require the skill of an experienced medical doctor to locate and identify.

One of the most heartbreaking circumstances occurs when someone who had a treatable illness is left untreated until it is too late because of errors in reading the scan. Money cannot fix this situation, but it may make the patient’s life easier or help support the family.

An Ongoing Problem

Error in diagnosis by radiologists is one of the more common reasons cited in medical malpractice lawsuits. Delay of diagnosis and misdiagnosis are issues related to failure to diagnose an illness or other health concern. Anyone who has been affected by these types of issues may Contact us for legal representation.

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