Managing An Injury Case With A Truck Accident Lawyer

by | May 19, 2020 | Lawyers

In North Dakota, accidents involving commercial trucks require law enforcement officers to assess the circumstances. These accidents require them to determine fault based on more complex violations and potential criminal infractions. A Truck Accident Lawyer in Bismarck, ND helps victims who were injured due to these events.

Investigating the Accident

The officers must protect the parameter around the accident scene and, in most cases, the commercial vehicle is impounded. The officers must acquire information about how the accident happened initially, and request emergency services for any accident victims involved. Once victims have been treated for their injuries, the officers question all drivers about the accident.

Identifying Any Traffic and Federal Motor Carrier Regulations Violations

The most common traffic violations in these circumstances are DUI and federal regulations violations. Drivers of commercial vehicles involved in accidents often use over-the-counter medications to remain awake for longer periods, thus exceeding their designated driving allowances. The Federal Motor Carrier Regulations specify that all drivers must utilize a rest period after each twelve or fourteen-hour shift. The officers must evaluate their log book to determine if they exceeded these restrictions and if it contributed to the accident.

Calculating the Medical and Repair Costs for the Victim

The total medical and auto repair costs are the value acquired by accident victims if the commercial driver was at fault. However, if the victim sustains a long term or permanent injury, they could acquire the total value of their lost wages through a lawsuit.

If a fatality occurs, the family could file a lawsuit for wrongful death. These lawsuits allow the family to collect their funeral expenses and any financial assistance that the victim would have provided. If a child was orphaned, they could acquire lifetime earnings for their parent who died as a result of the accident.

In North Dakota, trucking accidents require additional steps to define who was at fault. They also help officers determine if the driver was guilty of additional violations and non-compliance with federal regulations. If the driver is guilty of a DUI, they could face further penalties through civil and criminal courts. Victims who were involved in these accidents should contact a truck accident lawyer.

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