Plea Bargains Negotiated by a DWI Attorney in Nassau County, NY Help Clients Avoid the Harshest Penalties

Plea Bargains Negotiated by a DWI Attorney in Nassau County, NY Help Clients Avoid the Harshest Penalties

An effective DWI attorney in Nassau County, NY is always familiar with the most current regulations regarding driving under the influence of alcohol, as well as proposed bills and recent news related to drunk driving laws. That way, this person can provide the best defense for clients as they make an effort to fight a DWI charge.

Definition of DWI

In the New York legal system, driving while intoxicated means operating a motor vehicle after consuming alcohol or other drugs that impair the person’s ability to drive safely. This is measured quantitatively with blood alcohol content (BAC), which must be lower than .08.

Blood Alcohol Content

Drivers under the age of 21 who are found with BAC of .02 or higher can be charged with DUI since drinking alcohol is illegal for minors. A teenager who is caught with a BAC reading of .04 is not at risk of incarceration because that is not part of the state’s zero tolerance law for young drivers. However, a second offense results in an automatic revocation of the driver’s license for six months, and a judge has the ability to revoke the license until the individual turns 21.

The Importance of Plea Bargains

A DWI attorney in Nassau County, NY also keeps up to date on plea bargaining practices in this region, so they know which options are most likely to be approved by a prosecuting attorney and a judge. It is almost impossible for a person proceeding pro se to succeed in negotiating a plea deal.

This type of agreement may leave the individual with a DWI or DUI conviction, but it can reduce the amount of jail time that might otherwise be imposed. For instance, a judge could impose a sentence of a full year in jail for a first-time DWI offense if they choose so. A plea bargain, as negotiated by a lawyer with an organization like The Law Offices of Joseph J. Perrini, III makes sure that does not happen. Visit the website to learn more about this particular attorney and to schedule a free consultation.

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