Preparing For Your Disability Hearing

The greatest majority of those who apply for Social Security disability benefits will have their initial application denied. Once denied, the applicant must appeal the decision. It often takes a year or more to reach the point where you are invited to plead your case with an Administrative Law Judge. With having to wait for this long to be heard you most certainly will want to have hired a disability lawyer in Evanston to help you prepare.

There are only three things of concern when preparing for the hearing and all three are the same; medical evidence.

  • Get your medical records updated and prepared:

With such a long wait between the initial application and the hearing a great number of changes can have taken place in your condition. It is imperative that you pull together any additional records.

You will have included all your current medical records with your initial application. When your case moves on to the hearing stage don’t expect the Administration to gather updated records on your behalf; this is your responsibility. On the day of your hearing the ALJ will decide on your claim based on exactly what evidence is available so it is in your interest to ensure the judge has the most recent records that support your claim.

  • Your doctor’s opinion is extremely important:

Not only must you have submitted your recent medical records; you should also have an opinion of your condition from your attending physician. Statements from every doctor you have had are an added benefit.

When you hire a seasoned disability lawyer in Evanston to accompany you and represent you in the hearing there is little for you to so other than show up at the appointed time. Your lawyer will have gathered and submitted all your current medical records well in advance of the hearing date as well as having prepared you for the questions that are likely to be posed.

If you have a physical or emotional disability that keeps you from working you can apply for Social Security disability benefits at The Law Offices of Rabin, Kodner & Brown, Ltd. For the best chance at success you need to hire a disability lawyer in Evanston to help when it comes time for your hearing. For disability lawyer contact Like us on facebook.

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