Protect Your Right to Remain Silent and Your Right to an Attorney

by | Sep 27, 2019 | Lawyers

After an arrest, you’re going to need help. A criminal conviction is likely to affect a person’s employment, housing, and educational opportunities. Prosecutors and judges don’t care about those consequences, and it seems as if the rest of the world isn’t capable of understanding what a person who is formally accused of a criminal offense is going through.

Exercise Your Rights As Soon As You’re Arrested

It’s important for you to understand and exercise your rights, especially your right to remain silent and your right to an attorney. Whether you’re charged with a misdemeanor, felony or DUI, hiring the right criminal defense lawyer in Ponte Vedra to help you fight the charges against you might be one of the most important decisions that you make in your lifetime, especially if you’re a doctor or other health care professional, in the military or even in law enforcement itself. Here are some examples of the types of cases that a criminal defense lawyer in Ponte Vedra might represent clients in:

  • Battery
  • Domestic violence
  • Theft offenses
  • Traffic offenses including DUI
  • Drug possession and trafficking offenses
  • Sexual assault
  • White collar crimes

Don’t Believe What Police Tell You

It isn’t against the law for police to lie to you in order to obtain a statement or confession from you. They might tell you that the person who you were arrested with already game them a confession in the next room. They might even tell you that they’ll go easy on you if you give a confession. These things may or may not be true, but either way, get in touch with your criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

Protect your rights by invoking them. Persist in exercising your right to remain silent along with your right to an attorney. Contact an experienced and effective criminal defense lawyer from Ponte Vedra to arrange for a consultation at no cost at all. Tell your lawyer what happened and how it happened, and your lawyer can help you to protect your future.

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