Starting A Dog Bite Case With A Personal Injury Lawyer in Bremerton

In Washington, dog attacks are often traumatic and lead to serious injuries and possible fatalities. In some cases, the dog attacked without being provoked. However, it is urgent that victims who are filing a claim didn’t play any role in causing the attack or their injuries. A personal injury lawyer in Bremerton offers information about starting a claim.

Finding the Right Dog

After a dog attack, the first objective is to find the right dog. The victim explains where they were during the attack and describes the dog to the best of their knowledge. The animal control officer is notified about the attack and arrives at the scene to find the animal.

Managing the Investigation

The first objective for the animal control officer after finding the dog is to determine if it was vaccinated for rabies. State laws require all dog owners to get their dogs vaccinated each year. A failure to vaccinate places the animal and others at risk. If the dog wasn’t vaccinated, the owner must surrender the animal to a licensed vet for a 12-day quarantine.

Collecting Evidence for the Claim

The victim’s medical records are the first form of evidence needed in the dog bite case. The records show the exact injuries, how they happened, and how they will affect the victim. More severe injuries could entitle the victim to more substantial payouts if they win their case. If the condition is permanent or prevents them from working, the victim could receive additional awards.

Strict Liabilities for Dog Attacks

Strict liabilities apply if the dog was involved in previous attacks and injured humans. Under the circumstances, the owner is liable for failing to protect the public from a dangerous animal. In some cases, the owner could face criminal charges according to how badly the victim was injured.

In Washington, dog attacks present dangerous circumstances for humans and animals. In the cases, it is important for the victim to show that they didn’t break the law during or prior to the attack. Common criminal acts that lead to attacks are trespassing, home invasions, and animal cruelty. Victims who need information about the cases contact a personal injury lawyer in Bremerton or visit us right now.

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