Reasons to Hire Workers Comp Lawyers in Melbourne, FL

Workers Comp Lawyers in Melbourne, FL help clients resolve disputes with employers or the insurance companies that are supposed to pay claims. The system has been designed to protect workers by providing compensation after a work-related injury or illness. It also protects businesses, since employees receive workers comp through an insurance company instead of suing their employer.

Free Consultations

During a free consultation with a law firm such as Matheson & Horowitz, the injured person can learn whether or not hiring an attorney would be advisable. This man or woman may have a very good chance at resolving the problem without legal representation, simply by following instructions provided by the worker’s comp insurance provider.

Workers compensation generally progress smoothly, with most employers and insurers not disputing the circumstances of the claim. Most businesses are required by law to carry workers comp coverage and usually are very cooperative when an employee is hurt at the workplace or on a job-related task elsewhere.

Independent Medical Evaluation

The insurance company may want an independent medical evaluation, for example. This is a relatively common request since insurers sometimes believe the worker’s family doctor is more sympathetic to the claim than would be the case with a more objective physician.

Claim Denial or Dispute

If a claim has been denied or the insurer is disputing the extent of the injury, hiring Workers Comp Lawyers in Melbourne, FL may be advisable. An attorney analyzes the details of the case and determines how much compensation the individual should receive, according to relevant case history. The compensation should cover all medical costs, including physical or occupational therapy. It also is intended to pay nearly all the person’s lost wages.

Serious Injury and Permanent Consequences

Another instance in which hiring an attorney is advisable is in the case of a particularly serious injury or one that will have permanent consequences. Any type of amputation, even the tip of a finger, is an example. A back injury can lead to chronic pain in the future. The individual will want to be sure he or she receives a fair settlement after this type of incident.

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